Custom made Pre-Fabricated Wall Frames

Using pre-fabricated wall frames for your building project will save you time. The design is done to your requirements so you don’t need to do any calculations. The wall systems are easy to put up.

All manufactured timber wall frames are produced using high quality machined graded termite resistant Radiata Pine. Our stringent quality control measures ensures that our products are the best in the marketplace.

Mitek logoSouth Pacific Roof Trusses design wall frames with the Mitek 20/20 software enabling us to supply wall systems to your specifications. We have access to information about MiTek’s range of Gang-Nail building products, engineering software and all the services offered by MiTek Australia Ltd.


How to get a quote
What we need to know:


1. Wall frame height
2. External cladding
3. Window sizes
4. Internal load bearing walls
5. Wind rating
6. Wardrobes

Process of ordering
Do one of the following:


1. Call us
2. Send email with a plan in pdf format
3. Contact sales rep in your area
4. Send a copy of your plans

Production process of wall frames


1. Quote
2. Confirm order
3. Confirm relevant production details
4. Delivery date
5. Production
6. Delivery

After sales service

Contact one of the sales reps:

  • Michael Dunkin
    Merimbula 0408 – 869 754
  • Paul Windsor
    Moruya 0409 – 123 325
  • office 02 – 4474 2566