Timber Framing

Whether you are a builder, owner builder, engineer, designer, construction business or a handy person, we can provide you with a large range of building products and materials. We deliver direct to your site.

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HardiBrace sheetsHardiBrace sheet is resistant to moisture, fire and termites.

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Pine T2 Framing

Hyne T2 framingWe stock T2 and H2 pine framing in standard sizes, 70x35mm, 70x45mm, 90x35mm, 90x45mm in MGP10 and MGP12.

190x145mm MGP10 only.
140x45mm in MGP10 only.
120x35mm in MGP12 only.

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Hyne OS'Brace

Hyne_OS BraceboardStable, simple to install and environmentally friendly.

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