What our customers say

"We have put the trusses up and they fit like a glove. I would like to thank you and your staff. The service I received from all of them was better than I received from any of my other suppliers. Everyone was really cordial and it was a pleasure to telephone and find that your staff knew who I was, and even had my phone number! Better still, they were happy to sort out my issues. You run a great business, congratulations to you and your team. I am extolling your virtues to all I meet, I hope it generates heaps of business for you".
Pete Boer, Builder

"The wall frames made by South Pacific are the straightest frames I’ve ever plumbed up."
Sam Reynolds-Smith, Licenced Builder

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Roy Willis from Coast & Country Homes use South Pacific Roof Trusses as the preferred supplier of Roof Trusses and Pre-Fabricated Wall Frames.


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