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Exposed hardwood trusses
Exposed hardwood trusses Exposed truss
Contemporary design
Contemorary roof line South Pacific roof trusses
Attic trusses
Attic truss Attic roof truss
Pre-fabricated Wall Frames & Half Truss roof
Pre-fabricated Wall Frames, Half Truss roof Pre-fabricated Wall Frames, Half Truss roof
Roof Trusses and pre-fabricated Wall Frames Curved roof trusses, pre-fabricated wall frames
and Posistrut floor trusses
Construction roof trusses, wall frames Building project moruya
Engineered curved beams
Curved beam Engineered curved beam
Bombala Hospital - Roof Truss and
Wall Frame design
Traditional roof - standard hip and
gabel roof design
Bombala Hospital_roofline Roof trusses housing
Pitched roof
Pitched roof Pitched roofline
Ambulance station - curved roof trusses
Commercial roof trusses Ambulance station
Curved Roof Line
Curved roof line Curved roof line
Pre-fabricated Wall Frames
Pre-fabricated_wall_frames Pre-fabricated Wall Frames
Pitched roof truss Customised  Roof designed by South Pacific Pre fabricated wall frames